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How to choose the right architect for your project?

July 5, 2016

Do you want to build a house or just want to remodel it? Then, you need the right architect to offer you the certainty that the result will be the one you wanted.

“Architecture aims at eternity.”– Christopher Wren

An architect is that person in charge of design and quality control of a construction. He must know the laws of both building and application method thereof.
Follow the steps below and choose the right architect:
1. Make a short screening. Contact as many architects and ask them different questions about your project.
2. Make a list of those who have inspired you trust (at least five of them) and set up a meeting with them individually.
3. Make a list of questions you want to refer to, questions that will show his knowledge. For example, ask him about his experience, the buildings designed by him, what kind of services he offers to you, and not least questions about costs and 3D rendering program.
4. Then, make a comparison between the offers you have got and analyze the contract and payment methods.
5. To do it right, you should have a lawyer or a notary look at the contract before you sign it.




So, between you and the architect must be an effective working relationship. You have to accept his professional opinion, and he must understand your wishes and build their ideas by them. In this regard, your project will be a successful one.