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How to get the building permit?

September 13, 2016

What is the building permit?
This is a document that gives you the right to build, strengthen or repair a building.

“Documents create a paper reality we call proof.” – Mason Cooley

What kind of documents should contain the file?
The file shall be established according to Law. 50/1991 – Act authorizing the execution of construction works and the Law no. 261/2009 approving Government Emergency Ordinance 214/2008 which supplements and amends Law no. 50 / 1991. It includes:
1. Urban Planning Certificate
2. Proof – legalized copy – of the title to the building, land and / or construction, or where appropriate, up to date cadastral plan extract and cadastral register extract information.
3. The technical documentation as appropriate:
a) DTAC – the technical documentation for authorizing the execution of construction;
b) DTAD – the technical documentation for authorizing the execution of demolition works;
c) DTOE – the technical documentation for authorization of the organization work;
4. The opinions and agreements established by the Urbanism Planning Certificate;
5. The administrative act of the competent authority for environmental protection;
6. Proof of legal fees payment;
7. Affidavit of no disputes over the estate;
8. Document of tax payment for issuing the building permit (copy);



What are the release costs?
The authorization is issued by the local Planning Service or the sector where you want to build. Its release fee is 0.5 % of the construction that is established in the declaration according to the area of construction.