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What are the stages of a building process?

September 13, 2016

Have you decided to start the construction of a building and do not know exactly what to do?

“Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun”– Frank Lloyd Wright

Discover the most important steps you must follow to carry out your construction process:
1. Evaluation of costs
First of all, you have to evaluate your costs so you know exactly how much can you spend.
2. Obtaining your Urbanism Planning Certificate for the land you want to build your construction
You will receive any information from the local town hall.
3. Purchasing the land
You will find the details about the land in the cadastral register extract.
4. Obtaining the agreements required by Urbanism Planning Certificate. The required notes differ depending on the construction type.
5. Construction approval
The construction approval is the document conferring you the right to build. 5. This document is valid for 24 months and it is issued within 30 days by the presidents of county councils or mayors.
6. Construction execution
Execution of works will be supervised by the project supervisor. He will draw up the technical book of the construction.
7. Final acceptance
The last step is the final acceptance. This is done by an acceptance protocol. It is the document whereby the investor declares that it agrees to take over the work performed.