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About Us

Also Edile offers comprehensive services in the field of commercial, residential and industrial construction and building improvement.

Twenty-five years of gathered experience has enabled the development of a strong company that has adapted to the demands and opportunities created by the construction market in Romania. The company managed to expand the range of services within the construction sector.

Our qualified personnel resolves projects regardless of size and complexity, finding the best solutions, products and services. We ensure that our staff is highly motivated, promoting high standards of professional excellence.

Commercial construction

We offer you complete solutions in the field of commercial constructions, such as offices, company buildings, commercial areas or estate renovations.

Residential construction

We provide professional execution services for residential constructions, as block of flats, houses, villas, attics or renovation and remodeling.

Industrial and livestock construction

You benefit of high-quality solutions for industrial construction, as livestock structures, industrial structures or storage areas.

Our Projects

finisare exterioara
Exterior finishing – Timisoara
“The Ring” real estate complex, Timisoara
redimensionata 1
Livestock housing – Utvinis
Poultry farm – Boldur
Eurovo / Ovoest – Ferme – Boldur / Timis
colector oua 14
Industrial structure – Boldur
Ovoest – Collecting, sorting and packing eggs – Boldur, Timis
platforma din beton
Platform for open top silos – Iratos
Koen Suport – Concrete platform for open top silos – Iratos
redimensionatat 123
Concrete flooring – Biharia
BMR Plastik – Biharia, Oradea
restaurare cladire istorica
Historical building restoration – Timisoara
Str. Grigorescu / Timișoara
finisare interioara
Interior finishing – Timisoara
Cinema Park / Timisoara
depozi de dejectie 29
Storage pool
S.C. OVOEST S.R.L. Timis
maurizio meat
Mauriziaro Meat
dejectii 8
Storage pool
Mauriziaro Meat

The four pillars of a successful project

We’re recognized for tackling the toughest construction challenges, understanding the issues to be tackled and have the proven experience to overcome them. Our approach and work ethic are reflected effectively in all team members.


Integrated activities, clear design documents, leading to the completion of projects on time. Checking the work and performance to eliminate operational problems and costs. Staff varies depending on the work contract.


Quality materials

We promote and use materials manufactured in Romania under various licenses, to help raise the quality of local products, but we also use materials or systems manufactured by internationally renowned companies. These two things ensure sustainability of your projects.



To be effective, we outsource companies specialized in the fields of architecture, design, water, gas, electricity, sewage, air conditioning and heating systems, integrated communications systems and alarm systems.


Successful collaboration

Upon completion, we deliver a project that meets your needs, without delays or technical problems, a successfully concluded cooperation.

Our Values

Complete solutions

We pay attention to every detail and always find solutions to meet customer requirements, assuming responsibility for the rendered services.


We are in a constant process of improvement, we collaborate with suppliers and top quality manufacturers of building materials, famous in Romania and Italy.


Twenty-five years of gathered experience has enabled the development of a strong company that has adapted to the demands and opportunities created by the construction market in Romania.


We are constantly seeking new construction innovations and technologies providing our clients with correct info, predictable and transparent costs, and reliable services.

Our Team

We are a young and dynamic team, made up of 25 qualified people with over 25 years of experience in the field of construction.


Heavy machines

We have our own fleet of machines and professional equipment.


Experience, professionalism, and quality are the values that define us. Our certifications and the services we offer prove every day that these values are the core of Also Edile.


They trusted us with their commercial, residential, industrial and livestock construction projects.

Where to find us?

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