How to get the building permit?

What folder should contain authorization?
File shall be established according to Law No.. 50 / 1991 – Act authorizing the execution of construction works and Law. 261 / 2009 approving the GEO 214 / 2008 which supplements and amends Law. 50 / 1991. This will include:
1. Urbanism Certificate
2. Proof – the copy – the title to the building, land and / or construction, or where appropriate, extract up to date cadastral plan and land book extract information up to date, where the law provides otherwise.

“Documents on paper creates a reality that we call evidence.” – Mason Cooley

3. Technical documentation as appropriate:
a) DTAC – the technical documentation for authorizing the execution of construction works;
b) DTAD – technical documentation for authorizing the execution of demolition;
c) DTOE – technical documentation for authorization of the organization works
4. Permits and agreements established by the Urbanism Certificate
5. The administrative act of the competent authority for environmental protection
6. Proof of payment of legal fees
7. Affidavit of no disputes over the building;
8. Document toll building permit issuance (copy);

What are the costs of release?
The permit is issued by the Department of Urban local or sector in which you want to build. Its release fee is 0.5% in the building which is set in the declaration and according to the construction area.%MCEPASTEBIN%

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