Mauriziaro Meat

Draft resistance – Construction Warehouse (cold storage), parties / garage construction, shed, parties.

Superstructure warehouse storage is achieved with frames of HEA and IPE rolled steel grade having S275JR, both elements rigizare frames, and the steel profiles and S355J0 S235JRG2. Panels of the support of the sandwich panels are made of profiles S350GD.
Garage and warehouse superstructure is made with frames and rolled HEA IPE, rigizare frames and elements are made of steel profiles S275J2, and supporting panels of the sandwich panels are made of FeE350G.

Infrastructure these constructs consists of rigid insulated concrete foundations, simple monolithic foundation beams (elevations) monolithic reinforced concrete, rigizare the role of the individual foundations and supporting the exterior closings. The depth of the foundation was chosen to CTN Df = 0.90m.

The roof both construction is framing type, profiles type Z200, made of SE350GD, the profile fixed to the frame beams U60 and warehouse storage for M12 and M12 and surrounding U80 and store in the case of the garage.
closures hall are made of sandwich panels 120mm, positioned vertically, while garage closures are made of sandwich panels 40mm, positioned vertically and fastened with screws drilling.