How to choose the right architect?

An architect is someone who deals with design, design and quality control of construction. He must know both construction laws, and how to apply their.
Follow the steps below and choose the right architect:
1. Make a short screening. Contact as many architects and ask them questions about your project.
2. Make a list of those who inspired you trust (at least five of them) and sets up a meeting with each of.
3. Make a list of questions before you want to pose, questions showing knowledge that he has. E.g, addressed her questions about exprerienţa that has, The buildings designed by him, services that they offer and not least questions about price or 3D rendering program.
4. Finally, make a comparison between the offers they have received and analyzed all contract and payment methods.
5. To do it right, one lawyer before signing contract / uses.

Vrei to build a house or you just want to remodel? Then you need the right architect, to give you confidence that the end result will be one that you’ve wanted. –

“The stakes architecture is eternity.” – Christopher Wren

So, between you and the architect must be an effective working relationship. You must accept the professional opinion, and he must understand your wishes and build their ideas by them. In this regard, your project will be a success.

How to get the building permit?

What folder should contain authorization?
File shall be established according to Law No.. 50 / 1991 – Act authorizing the execution of construction works and Law. 261 / 2009 approving the GEO 214 / 2008 which supplements and amends Law. 50 / 1991. This will include:
1. Urbanism Certificate
2. Proof – the copy – the title to the building, land and / or construction, or where appropriate, extract up to date cadastral plan and land book extract information up to date, where the law provides otherwise.

“Documents on paper creates a reality that we call evidence.” – Mason Cooley

3. Technical documentation as appropriate:
a) DTAC – the technical documentation for authorizing the execution of construction works;
b) DTAD – technical documentation for authorizing the execution of demolition;
c) DTOE – technical documentation for authorization of the organization works
4. Permits and agreements established by the Urbanism Certificate
5. The administrative act of the competent authority for environmental protection
6. Proof of payment of legal fees
7. Affidavit of no disputes over the building;
8. Document toll building permit issuance (copy);

What are the costs of release?
The permit is issued by the Department of Urban local or sector in which you want to build. Its release fee is 0.5% in the building which is set in the declaration and according to the construction area.%MCEPASTEBIN%

What are the stages of a building?

Have you decided to start construction of a building and do not know exactly what to do?

“buildings, are also children of the earth and the sun. “- Frank Lloyd Wright

Discover below the most important steps you need to follow to carry out your construction achievement:
1. cost assessment
Before you hit the road, You must evaluate your costs, so you know exactly how much you spend.
2. Getting Urbanism Certificate for the land you want to build
Information for obtaining it, you will receive from your local council.
3. land acquisition
All details about the land you will find in land book excerpt.
4. Obtaining / agreements required by the Urbanism Certificate. Opinions required varies depending on the type of construction.
5. Building permits
Building permit is a document that gives the right to build. This document is valid for 24 Monday and issued within 30 of days, the presidents of county councils or mayors.
6. execution of construction
Execution of works will be tracked by the project supervisor. It will draw up the technical construction.
7. final acceptance
The last step is the final acceptance. This is done through an acceptance protocol and is that act by which the investor declares that it accepts to take work performed.

Constructions. A remarkable evolution

History of the construction industry dates back to the earliest days of civilization, their development is a significant, both in terms of materials, and the techniques used to make these.

“Evolution is the key to the next step.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Before the advent of manufactured building materials, Building almost all they were made of materials that people have on hand, such as animal skins, wooden poles, stones, clay and straw.
With the passing of time, people began to use various techniques that have transformed these materials in other more resistant, as bricks, beams, marble or concrete, buildings which offer stability and greater durability.
Construction evolution continues today, plastics, high-strength carbon or glass fiber is the latest trends in this area.


Also Edile to support this development by seeking constantly innovations and new technologies, to offer the best solutions, products and services in construction.